The berths have an elevated headrest similar to sleeper buses in East Asia

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Inspired by Sleeper buses in East Asia, the design of the berths aboard the Sleeper minicoach have an elevated headrest of an angle of 30 degrees, meaning your sleeping in a position of about 2 thick pillows. This means that your feet occupies the pillow space of the person infront of you meaning we can condense a normal flat bed from 2.1 metres long down to 1.6 metres. This is how we can get 12 people sleeping in the space of a minibus.

The berths are of varying length; the four berths at the front are suitable for persons up to 5'9”, the middle berths are slightly neater suitable for people 5'6” or smaller, and the four berths at the rear of the vehicle are the longest with no angle on the feet space and can accompany persons up to 6'3”.

If you have ever tried to sleep on an aeroplane you will realise the seatbelt can awaken your sleep especially if you turn during the night. We designed the bus so that your comfort and privacy are not jeopardised – the berths face backwards so seat belts are not required under UK law. In the unlikely event of a head-on collision, passengers are quite safe in their berths and would simply rise up in their bed. A safety information card is supplied in the magazine rack of each berth detailing the emergency evacuation procedures .

The vehicle is available for private hire only, there is no public scheduled service similar to the Megabus Sleeper service which was withdrawn in May last year – but this is something that we aspire to offer in the future. Any groups up to 12 people; whether for business, leisure, students, or family, who are travelling over 300 miles, which is the equivalent of 6 hours driving and therefore long enough for a sleep, could benefit from using this as supposed to group travel by seated bus, train, or plane followed by hotel accommodation – which will incur more time and expense to passengers.


A normal bus seat is 500mm wide – these sleeping berths are 800mm wide, allowing you space to turn in your sleep should you rotate from back to side. The aisle on the vehicle is actually wider than a normal coach aisle, measuring 500mm, but because when walking down a seated coach your shoulders occupy the space inbetween the heat rests, you may feel the Sleeper Minicoach tighter on your shoulders as the berths are plum, so you may have to crab walk down the vehicle to find your berth.


Each berth has draw curtains for privacy, underneath storage for shoes or laptop bag, Air Con, Magazine rack with safety information card and company branded facial  wipe for morning refreshment, USB and 3 pin power sockets, and reading light. The berths are equipped with plastic coated memory foam mattress, and bedding including fitted sheet, duvet, and pillow. A spare set of bedding will be carried for longer hire journeys.

The bus was designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. The aisle is fully covered in carpet material so sound does not interfere passengers within their berth, and with the draw curtain ensures that any heavy snorers within the group do not disturb your quality of sleep. Curtains on both sides of the berth will ensure light pollution from either the roadside or internal will not disrupt your sleep.

The boot can accommodate hand size carry on luggage similar to that of an aeroplane; or for larger items such as suitcases, golf bags, sports equipment or musical instruments, a trailer can be towed.

There is no WiFi provision on board. It is encouraged that passengers get down to sleep after boarding – the use of electronic devises before bed is proven to reduce melatonin levels from blue light and so reduce the quality of your sleep.

There is no toilet facility onboard for two reasons. One, toilets on buses work, at best, around 50% of the time, and in such a confined space any toilet smells would disrupt the sleep quality for the entire group. The other reason is that to install a toilet the rear 4 berths would have to be sacrificed, meaning the cost of the hire would be split between only a maximum of 8 people compared to 12.

A bus driver can only legally drive for a maximum of 4.5 hours before taking a 45min break. This would be at motorway service stations where toilet facilities are available. Should the group require more frequent stops these can be pre-planned when discussing the hire. Drinking parties such as Stags and Hens are not encouraged simply because the berths are designed for sleeping, not partying, and excessive toilet stops would endanger the driver exceeding their daily driving time for such long distances. 



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Founder Alan Aim receiving Coach Tourism Innovation of the Year 2018 from Sponsors Tracy Bayliss (Euro Shuttle) and TV Presenter Angela Ripon

Coach Tourism Innovation of the Year 2018

"This entry literally stood out amongst the competition, its a truely innovative idea. Still yet to be proven, but the operator of the business has taken a chance that could make a big difference to the industry. The judges applaud such enterprising spirit" Mel Holley, Miniplus Magazine

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