Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you travel between?

Its private hire for groups and not a public transport scheduled service, therefore everyone aboard will be part of your group and you wont be sleeping alongside strangers. In time we hope to grow the concept, and the fleet, and the locations of operating centres so that one day we can offer a network of overnight scheduled sleeper bus services 

Are Children allowed onboard?

We are happy for families or school groups to travel as long as an adult is responsible for the children. The vehicle is registered with VOSA as a 12 "seater" vehicle therefore only one person per berth allowed. 

A bus with no seats

Based in Scotland do you pick up in England/Wales?


Absolutely! The price of the hire will obviously reflect mileage and drivers hours and rest periods accordingly, but we are keen for groups in England/Wales to travel overnight to Scotland, as well as from North to South. 

How much does it cost?


Each hire is based upon the requirements of the hirer. Prices will vary depending on mileage of journey, whether a 2nd driver is required, whether a trailer is towed for extra luggage, how many days the vehicle is away before returning to base, any additional costs such as road tolls, ferries, etc. Hires must be paid in full before commencement of hire.

Can we tour around with the vehicle when we arrive at our destination?


Yes - however as the vehicle is designed for sleep only transport it is not designed for short journeys for people getting in and out of the berths and constantly having to take off footwear. The viewing out of the windows is limited due to the construction of the berths, and daytime driving would require a second driver once the overnight driver takes their rest. We would recommend organising a 12 seater minibus at your destination for any daytime transport requirements you may have. 

Does the vehicle have seatbelts?


No, the berths face backwards so seat belts are not required under UK law. In the unlikely event of a head-on collision, passengers are quite safe in their berths and would simply rise up in their bed. A safety information card is supplied in the magazine rack of each berth detailing the emergency evacuation procedures. 

Is there WiFi onboard?


 The vehicle was designed for sleep only travel. It is proven that blue light from electronic devices reduces the quality of your sleep. Therefore no wifi is available onboard in order to ensure your comfort and rest is maximised and you awake at your destination fully rested. Each berth is equipped with USB/3 pin ports should you wish to charge your portable devices overnight. 

Is there a toilet or shower facilities onboard?



No. Under drivers hours regulations the driver must have a 45 minute break after a maximum of 4.5 hours driving. More frequent motorway service stops can be scheduled if requested in advance by the hirer. It is illegal to drink alcohol on a coach.

As we are overnight transport specialists we would recommend passengers to have a shower at home before boarding the coach late at night. There are Travel By Knight branded facial wipes included so you can refresh your face/hands in the morning.