Coach Tourism Awards


Founder Alan Aim surprised to win the Innovation of the Year award held in Birmingham on March 21st. Presented by Tracy Bayliss, category sponsor for Euro Shuttle, and by TV presenter Angela Ripon.

“This entry literally stood out among the competition, it’s a truly innovative idea. Still yet to be proven, but the operator of the business has taken a chance that could make a big difference to the industry. The judges applaud such enterprising spirit.” Mel Holley

BBC Radio Scotland John Beattie Interview

Radio presenter John Beattie asks Alan Aim about the new travel concept of the Sleeper Minicoach

BNI Presentation

 Alan Aim presents before Business Networking International (BNI) chapter in Dunfermline 

Make the Most of Your....

 Promotional video of different target groups 

Travel by Knight the UKs first Sleeper Minicoach

 You + 11 of your friends want to travel over 250 miles while you catch up on some sleep? #saveyourday #travelbyknight #relaxationtransportation #wouldyougotobedwithme #sleeperbusUK #travel 

TBK Promotional Video

 Snowdonia the sleeper minicoach & Titania the Tour band bus 

Introduction to Travel by Knight


Alan Aim shows inside the Travel by Knight sleeper minicoach the day he picked up the vehicle in October 2017.


TBK Promo

Check out this great video